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Oogst Coffee


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Do you want to get acquainted with our delicious freshly roasted coffee, but do you find it difficult to choose? We will send you all three coffees in one package.


Marsellesa 500g.

Processing method: washed

Taste profile: Coffee with notes of orange, tangerine and pink grapefruit, with a base of caramel, sugar cane and brown sugar. Finally a sweet background.


Milenio 500g.

Processing method: Red Honey

Taste profile: Coffee with stone fruit, orange, sweet lemon notes; with a base of brown sugar and sugar cane. Finally a sweet background.


Centroamericano & Excelencia 500g.

Regio: Naranjo, Costa Rica

Taste profile: Coffee with berries, grape, dried fruit, orange and pink grapefruit, with a base of caramel, caramelized almonds and hazelnut. At the end a sweet background of maple syrup.