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V60 Paper Filter 02 100pcs 1/120 - Hario VCF-02-100W

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Hario V60 Filters - Size 02


These Hario V60 filters are indispensable for every specialty coffee lover and are of course used in combination with a Hario V60 dripper. These original Japanese Hario V60 filters have a different density than the Dutch version. The Dutch variant is known for having a slightly longer lead time. So if your lead time is not consistent, and if you have the feeling that your filters are regularly “clogged”, it is better to switch to these Japanese Hario V60 filters.


  • 100 pieces

  • Colour White

  • Size 02, suitable for 1 to 4 cups (VCF-02-100W)

  • Japanese variant

  • Suitable for the Hario V60 brewing method